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Where creativity and research mix like orange juice and champagne.
Website Development
Think of website development like the drink that our name so adequately references. A mimosa requires the perfect balance of orange juice and champagne. Just two simple ingredients meld together to create a complex final product. When it comes to developing your website, the same goes for creativity and research. If you have too much of one without the other, it's a recipe for disaster.

We've taken the time to develop a process that is agile and flexible enough to work with all of your projects while still being precise enough to keep your website in balance. We back our creativity with hours of research so your website is just too sweet to ignore.
"Citro Digital is second to none when it comes to proactive, transparent, and collaborative website development! The development team’s ability to bring ideas to life, coupled with Citro’s stellar digital content team, give me the confidence that we can reach our clients with the exact message they need exactly where they need it."
Our Process
  • Discover

    Research & Analysis

    There is no greater journey than that of the buyer. While you might not be selling physical products, you certainly are selling services, information, or some other form of content. We'll make sure you're making the right impression by delving deep into your competitors to ensure that your website is up-to-snuff.

    Collect Data

    Analytics say a lot, and we're here to listen. Not only do we take a look into your past problem areas, but we also look at what is trending in your industry to point us in the right direction.

    Sitemap & Content Strategy

    Establishing the overall flow of your navigation and content is crucial to having a well-performing website. We'll look at your current structure and figure out what parts are working, which ones need some updating, and which we need to send packing in order to streamline your users' experience.
  • Design

    Mood Board & Wireframe Creation

    Before we get into the nit-and-grit of your website's overall design, we'll define the look and feel through a mood board and page layouts in a wireframe. Don't like the proposed color palett? No problem! Think the form needs to be higher up on the page? We've got you covered! We've discovered that keeping our clients involved early on with the freedom to make changes ensures that the final design exceeds their expectations.

    Design Page Templates and Elements

    At this point, we've collected enough information about your business, your competitors, and what visually inspires you in order to make a design that you and your customers will fall for. From the small details to the larger features, we showcase every element for you to soak in, critique, and ultimately fall in love with.
  • Develop

    Develop & Test Features

    We weren't all born detail-oriented, problem-solving coders, but our development team sure was. There's no feature too big, too outrageous, or too complicated for them to conquer. Under the care of the development team, that static design will now become a living, breathing website.

    Implement into your Content Management System (CMS) of Choice

    There's nothing worse than needing to add a timely news article or blog posts but not having the ability to do so. We eliminate the frustration by implementing all of our websites into a CMS that is chosen based on your comfort level and overall website functionality needs.
  • Deliver

    Final Content Added

    Whether it's a direct copy and paste from your existing site, you've painstakingly re-written all of your copy, or you've entrusted us with the task, we'll populate your new site with all of the content.

    Thorough Cross-Browser Q/A

    No link goes unclicked. No form unchecked. No filter un... filtered? That's right, we'll do it all! Such a thorough cross-browser check guarantees that users on Internet Explore will have the same, positive experience as those on Google Chrome (but really, do yourself a favor and upgrade to Microsoft Edge). 

    Final Client Approval

    Speak now or forever hold your peace. Okay, it's not that serious, but this is your last chance to make any updates prior to launching your new and improved site.
  • Deploy

    Optimize & Go Live!

    Your analytics are up and running. Your new site is ready to be indexed. Your social images are in place and the website is ready to be shared (a lot). One last step, make it live!

    Celebrate & Grab a Drink!

    Maybe we hit that super tight dead line, or your content is now giving your company and clearly defined voice, or maybe your business is about to grow thanks to increased form submissions. We know there are lots of reasons to celebrate, and we'll gladly join you.
  • Define

    Continual Website Improvement

    If you want that first place spot on Google, you want to drive more traffic to your website through social media, or you need a campaign to promote an event, we've got you covered.

    Ongoing Support

    Sometimes love can't last forever, but that doesn't mean it needs to end in heartbreak. There's no feature too big, or line of copy too small that can't be modified to give you butterflies again. All you have to do is reach out.
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