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In my last blog, I talked a lot about my dog all for the sake of proving to you how important online business reviews are. If you haven’t read it, you should, because the fact of the matter is, reviews are extremely important.

To drive home that point, here are a few more stats

  • More than 88% of online shoppers incorporate reviews into their purchase decision
  • Of those shoppers, 94% use a business with a four star-rating
  • 88% of consumers will form an opinion by reading up to ten reviews.

So, now that we’ve established that reviews are great for business, how can you stay on top of them?

For businesses who are concerned about managing reviews or dealing with negative reviews, review platform tools are the perfect solution.


There are four main tools we’ve looked into:



GetFiveStars is a platform that helps you get customer feedback through an automated capture process. This tool reaches out to your customers to gather information about their experience and push positive experiences out across the internet. Better yet, it integrates with over 45 online review sites.

It works by integrating with your businesses’ CRM systems and prompts users to leave reviews via email or text message, based on who just purchased your product or service. GetFiveStars also has landing page or iPad integration so that you can get customer feedback on the spot (if you’re not collecting customer information such as email addresses or phone numbers).


If you’re looking for a review tool to get you started, GetFiveStars is the most affordable option.



BirdEye brands itself as an online reputation management platform targeted towards the healthcare industry, meaning it is HIPAA compliant. People like it because it’s user friendly and provides a dashboard where users can monitor customer reviews. BirdEye also provides a fully customizable SEO optimized microsite.


What struck me was BirdEye’s own reviews, which were fully transparent, allowing customers to share the pros and cons of using this tool. Talk about practicing what you preach! is another tool we’ve been following, which has bulked-up reporting features and a white-labeled dashboard, so the whole system feels onbrand. This tool is geared towards marketers and agencies who may have multiple businesses’ reviews to manage, but it also has a professional package available that a business could manage on their own.



Zenreach is the best review tool for brick-and-mortar businesses. It works by collecting reviews from people who connect to your secure WiFi. It also includes unique targeting options. This is a favorite among businesses in the hospitality industry or anyone who makes WiFi available to their customer base, such as coffee shops or vacation destinations. 


All of these tools allow the user to push positive reviews towards the desired site as well as the business' website, all while handling negative reviews privately. This makes for a more positive customer experience.

How are you leveraging customer feedback to increase brand awareness and credibility? Do you have a strategy to handle negative reviews? These processes are some of our specialties! Let Citro help you get ahead.

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